Internet café business

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Internet café business

Internet café business or cyber Café business is one of growing business opportunities in Indian cities these days.  In the digital age, online community and online retail are rising.  Desktop computer are bulky and expensive.  Everyone can not afford them anymore.

But cyber Cafe is a place, where you can enjoy full desktop computer browsing at fixed amount of charges at no extra charge and time commitment.  Establishing a cyber Cafe is less expensive as compare to other business.  Where you have to give big franchisee fees?

To start a cyber Cafe, you need some desktop, laptops and basic Internet broadband connection.  With cyber Cafe, you are established yourself in marketplace in your own name. Not a big initial deposit, no more expenses on stock. Cyber Cafe business is not alone business that you can also do some extra business i.e. digital printing, online bill payment, travel ticker booking and cafeteria.

What you can do basically with cyber cafe business?

Digital printing :  Today people are keen to keep digital records at home and office. Modern color printing machine are costing more. And everyone cannot buy everything. Taking photographs takes some few minutes from capture to printing.

Instant email:  People come to internet café to send instant email online. No matter, how much time will take to type an email. You are doing business.  Online email can bring more money.

Bill payment : People likely to pay online bill i.e. mobile bills, rent bills, broadband bills, government bill, house taxes. Everything is going online. Internet café business will be profitable if people come to deposit tax online.

Restaurant: People work on computer and after some time they become tired. So tea and coffee give some refreshment. New customer come to drink tea, coffee, and some dinner by looking at refreshment banner.

Ticketing: Online ticket booking business is rising. Bus ticket, train ticket, air ticket can be booked with the use of internet café. So internet café business can be most profitable business.

Entertainment: People come to cyber cafe to browse review on models, celebrity, recent movies, watch latest music and and playing some game in extra time. Facebook chatting are common with people.

Finally, internet café is a place where people come to browse website, sending email, make and print documents and high speed gaming that you cannot enjoy at home. But computer virus can be destroy system so powerful antivirus program i.e. kaspersky, avg, avast, Norton must be installed in pc


payoneer global money transfer agency

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payoneer global money transfer agency Pros and cons

Today payoneer global money transfer agency is one of growing business opportunity. Nowadays, small businesses, large merchant and big company need global transfer service. Global money agent can transfer money in local bank accounts globally in few minutes. Payoneer is one of growing agency these days.


  1. Today payoneer global money transfer agency drive eCommerce beyond country . Today top merchant i.e.,, cdiscount and more sell products globally. So demand of global money transfer agency is rising.
  2. Working with payonner is easy. Any one can sign up and start transacting less than minutes.
  3. Some global money transfer merchant charge high transaction fee. But payonner charge maximum fees $1 on USD transaction whereas EUR, GBP and JPY currency are free of cost.
  4. Freelance can convert money in there bank account. Payoneer marketplace provide benefits to freelancer to earn extra money by making partnership with selected companies.
  5.  Do you advertise business using affiliate marketing? If Yes! Then payoneer can be good choice in  global money transfer where you can send payment to business partner easily with lowest cost.

 payoneer global money transfer agency


  1. Payonner can send online in local bank accounts only from selected merchant. If merchant not listed in payoneer marketplace you can not received money from global money transfer agent.
  2. Payoneer face stiff competition from own which is deemed most trusted and online marketplace. By using paypal, you can send payment online through email. Paypal has resolution center where merchant and buyer connect for online payment fraud.
  3. Western union money transfer is also one another global money transfer agent having presence globally.  They deliver money in local currency at agent location in cash and  1,00,000 ATM at globally. Western union has presence on over 200 country and 5,00,000 agent location worldwide. They have make tie-up with banks and government institution for exchanging money globally.

Payoneer  global money transfer service is one of growing global money transfer company.But it face stiff competition from  top internet giant , western union money transfer. But less transaction fees, freelancer support and easy to work online make payoneer competitive in market. And become one if preferred choice of global money transfer agency.


equity sip in indian stock market

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equity sip in indian stock market – how much you can earn from your own capital

In Indian Stock market, there are numerous way of generating income by own capital. Equity, mutual fund, corporate FD, bonds are some financial instruments through which individual and big corporate houses earn money.

Equity SIP mean professionaly and systematicaly invest in small amount in equity in NSE Nifty 50 stock. Most people trust in making money by paying money in installments. If carefully selected correct stock, some one can make 10% to 20 % earning in midium term to long term around 6 month to 5 year basis.

Main advantage of equity sip in stock market, ruppe cost average. Stock price are changing in each and every second in stock market.  Equity SIP can be started  with very few amount. For starting equity SIP you need a basic demat account, without demat account you can engage in stock market operation whereas SIP in mutal fund did not necessarily required dmat account, alternatively you can go AMC website and regiser account.

To get started equity sip in stock market, you have to selected by budget and installment in month and period upto which you will be remain in stock market. Installment amount can be in quantity or in amount. Major advantage of equity sip is that you need not to worry each and every day stock market go up or goes down. Before seletecting company your focus must be on long term business prospect.

Equity SIP is attractive option if you don’t want to take more risk in by investing lumpsum money on intraday or creating multiple stock portfolio where risk also can be go down because each and every stock can be go down if condition is not well.

I think Equity sip is beneficial to invest in midium term, if correctly selected stock and maintain healthy investment upto 3 to 5 year. Because in longer term stock market gives return in many fold.


online clothing stores build online store get free guide

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Free Guide to online clothing stores

In modern technological world that is very easy to build online clothing stores. Building an online store is a  continuous process of selection a web host, choose domain name, selection hosting package and shopping cart software and start selling quickly. With online store this is not important to get started but maintain an online store is more harder. Getting traffic from search is  major business activities that most internet retailor do to maintain in retailing. Except this online store specially clothing or lingrie store have to follow some tricks to maintain returning customers.

Consumer prefer to buy merchandise if they find suitable size and color. By using  a resizing calculator and multiple colour  for making an instant buy option for customer

  • By providing a A to Z fitting What to wear in an special occassion to every day? How to wear?
  • A good packing and shipping is a major business activity that affect all retailor. If merchandise is not send with good and safe packaging create problem for seller and consumer both. People shopping on internet prefer to buy online if they found merchandise in OK condition.
  • Internet retail is useful for final consumer for look and feel attribution, where consumer search and find great amount of available products.
  • Store build for special variety or special age or sex people attract attention only from specific person. Better you build store for men and women all ages, wide range of variety and brands.
  • Having a deal, discount, coupon and rebate makes more return customer and more sale.
  • Secure payment, flexible multiple payment and money back features are some point that attract attention of a lots of visitors.
  • Filter result make pages more shopping experience for customer. Price low to high, Size A to Z, Recently added, most popular mercandise makes an shopping page more conertable.
  • Wish list and email notification for out of order tools that give direct retail opportunity

Finally, clothing stores is directly related with local and global customer where people want to buy merchandise which is not avialabe on internet or less visible on off-site store.


factory outlet store

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factory outlet store good quality and original products

A factory outlet store enable you purchase merchandise directly from factory outlet. There are less chance of damage or shortage. Directly purchase merchandise save you cost of middle men such as retailers. When producer or manufacturer market some products you get original merchandise but sometimes a distributor or retailer purchase merchandise from wholesaler or manufacturer they normally change look or quantity as manufactured.

Factory outlet store are eCommerce platforms that sell a wide varieties of electronics at your door. Products sold at outlet store stores are music players, iPod and Ipod accessories, cell phone and cell phone accessories, laptops, computer, tablet and all computer acessories, all clothing, sun glasses, watches, jewelry and every thing that you need for home office or office use.

Advantage of factory outlet store are : –

Sometimes You pay nothing for shipping fee but you have to purchase in bulk quantity. In off-line factory outlet store It saves a lot of money and You have to arrange logistics i.e. vehicle for carrying but some times wholesaler or manufactures (if possible) provide service.

A look and feel attribute that not possible on retail store. In the age of internet retailing you check and browse full products it size, price, colors and major quality you wants.

Approximately, all online retailers are providing good online customer support and telephonic support.

Worldwide shipping is available because when orders increase company become international, can also make tie-up with distribution or logistics partner for long-term and fast delivery.

Discount on each additional products offered. Many products also sold on off-price in festival seasons. Some products that customer do not like to buy due to price or quality buy in festive season in some discount or rebate coupon offers.

There are also some disadvantage : – If face to face selling you check merchandise, but internet retailing if items are not as per your desire. You do nothing. Feel and touch attribute not possible. Factory outlet stores sells directly for wholesaler or distributor but not as per choice of individual customers


investment calculator for maximize return on investment

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With my investment calculator you expect your maximize return on invest.

There are numerous types of investment plan in market for maximizing of higher return on investment value with little efforts. Higher return on investment depends on which type of investment plan you are going in do.

Higher return free investment calculator  : You can expect higher return on investment on property, gold and silver with no risk.

Investment in property or retail estate market is deemed most secure and give you higher return on investment. Retail estate market prices are soaring day by day and year by year.  There are fewer chance that retail estate market prices will be go down. Purchase retail estate property in installment is today become a fashion and having own property maximize your earning by saving your month cost. You can give some one to lease or rent and earn some money each and every year.

Investment in gold and silver also boost investment value year by year. Gold and silver are most popular ornaments used in society. Gold prices are higher in industry and also you can buy gold today and sell it after some time on higher prices.

Medium return free investment calculator:

You can expect mid level return on investment on stock market with high risk.  Stock market is a place where all financial instrument are buy and sell. Big and multinational company list there stocks, bond and securities for collecting finance from small and big investors. Investment on stock sometimes gives you higher return on investment.

People buy stock for short term and long term which include higher risk. Short term investment give you less return but higher risk and long term investment can give you higher return but low risk. Investment in stock gives you rewards such as dividend when company makes profit. Most company in industry provide financial statement quarterly, half quarterly and yearly and provide you complete data what investors are getting from stock market. Stock market is highly volatile before planning to stock market you must decide budget, take expert advice and choose proper broker.

Low return free investment calculator: You can expect low level return on investment on banking investment with zero risk. Each and every person who earn money by work on salary or operate business must open an account. By regular depositing money on bank account he or she start saving some money. Banking account gives low return but high safety. Excepts this banking deposit scheme give some slightly higher return on investment.

If you don’t have a habit of regular saving my free investment calculator can not help you any more.


forex exchange rate tutorial and software

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Forex exchange rate overview

how to make money fluctuated as as stock market but Forex exchange rate determined by multiple factor. online Forex Trading Software that displays Forex Trades visually, enabling Online Forex Traders of all levels to take part in the Forex exchange rate and minimize risk.

The Ultimate Forex Software! Practice for free and trade for real using our foreign exchange trading platform. Start your trading account Now. Our Forex system is easy to use and you do not require any technical skill. You will also receive monthly training material i.e. videos, email alerts and training webinar.

Ultimate forex software that revolutionized the forex trading industry by making forex trading easily understandable …

Start Forex & commodities trading and receive a VIP account with a personal trading coach!

Learn Forex & Commodity Trading and polish your online trading skills using virtual money!

Increase your revenue by making investment in Forex exchange. Forex market is easier to understand and trade than stock market. Stock market contain a lots of fluctuation money can be up or money can be down immediately.

We provides you custom indicator for live trading, quick starting guide on custom template, a vidco shows you where to get a forex software, and all new quick starting tutorial.

New way to trade Forex and commodities. The our platform’s ground breaking design and visual interface makes the financial markets come alive in a way you have never experienced before. So whether you’re an eager newbie or a seasoned pro – join our Foreign Exchange traders community and take your online currency trading to the next level.

Make huge profit on Forex trading grab  Forex trading news. Forex trading robot gives you more reliable news at lower cost and result increasing money. This software install without any technical skill and run automatically, and mt4 supported.

Forex Revolution: An Insider’s Guide to the Real World of Foreign exchange rate andTrading

Foreign currency exchange rate (“Forex”) is today’s #1 new investment opportunity. “Forex Revolution” reveals everything you need to know to trade Forex hands-on — from fundamental and technical trading strategies to the unyielding discipline that’s essential to success. Peter Rosenstreich brings together insider techniques from all over the industry — you’ll find expert guidance on everything from handling 24/7 markets to profiting from the emergence of China.

Foreign Exchange Trading: Today’s #1 Opportunity for Explosive Profits!

The practical, hands-on forex exchange rate guide for individual investors

No costly subscriptions or expensive tools needed

Delivers unbiased, up-to-the-minute techniques you can start profiting from today

Covers everything from exchange rate rules to fundamental and technical strategies

Realistically assesses risks and pitfalls—and shows how to avoid or mitigate them

Forex Isn’t Just the World’s Biggest Market—It’s Your #1 Profit Opportunity!

Every day, more than $1.5 trillion in currency exchange rate trades are executed. That dwarfs the daily volume of the NYSE, NASDAQ, FTSE, DAX, and Tokyo Nikkei—combined! Today’s growing currency volatility has made Forex the place to earn huge profits. Think Forex is just for secretive financiers and central bankers? Not any more! The rules have changed, and this book shows you exactly how to get in on the action.

No other book offers as much unbiased, practical, how-to guidance for trading from Forex. Peter Rosenstreich doesn’t just present his own techniques—he reveals never-before-published tips and techniques from traders throughout the industry. Above all, Mr. Rosenstreich tells you the whole truth: How currency markets work, how to trade, what the risks are, what to do about them…and what it really takes to win.

We design automated trading tools that traders understand!

We teach you the concept and set you free to explore the options for yourself.

We give the trader full control and understanding of the automation capabilities.

We give you the flexibility to change any of the variables to suit your needs.

We give you a custom indicator to do your own highly accurate visual back testing.

We help you take the emotion out of trading!! The system has no emotions. Let it trade for you.

We call the “News” channel the “History Channel”

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