vivo x play 7 features

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The vivo x play 7 features whopping 6 GB ram , 128 GB storage and 5.7 inches of display. This handset run on andorid 7.1 (noughat). Special attention has gone on dual front camera at this time. Because very few handset comes with dual front camera.

The vivo x play 7 some unique features

The vivi x play 7 comes with super amoled display and coring glass protection. A 515 ppi density and 1440 X 2560 pixel resolution made screen wider and display bigger size website easily on vivo x play 7.

This handset will comes with dual sim GSM and GSM and support 2G, 3G and 4G LTE network. In vivo x play 7 dual nano gsm sim card can be used. A 3500 mAh battery give longer life of smartphone and quick charging mode make smartphone to charges in less time.

Dual front camera 20 mega pixel and 8 mega pixel with flash and dual primary camera with 16 mega pixel and 13 mega pixel make bigger photo and clear pictures.

This handset can be easily connected to bluetooth, wifi, gsm network and GPS live tracking. Vivo x play smartphone support usb otg but does not support to micro usb. USB C type support are newest feature that can easily connect to pc and smartphone to audio jack.

At the security and online payment fraud protection finger print sensor software give enough support to mobile apps.

Finally, vivi x play 7 is here. A smartphone with dual camera, dual core processor, bigger ram and bigger storage is about to come in upcoming month.


At&t internet broadband connection deal

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You can use At&t internet broadband connection deal make your home broadband faster and smoother.

At&t internet broadband connection deal $30 monthly subscription plan give you access to wide range of services with broadband connection.

Are you looking for faster internet connection deal?  Then broadband connection can be suited to you.

Internet broadband connection makes your home or office connection faster and connected every time.

Broadband connection are faster than mobile Internet connection.

You can use wireless router for networking within office or home. A wireless router also used for WiFi Internet connection.

Are you looked no for faster internet? Then At&t Internet broadband connection can be best suited to you.

At&t $30 monthly subscription plan give you access to unlimited data of 50 GB. Now you can access high speed Internet at home.

You can use Internet email, movies streaming,  online TV,  music download and more.

Direc TV package by At&t you can not refuse. You can enjoy live TV streaming and unlimited movies streaming with lowest rate with yearly plan.

NOw,  you can watch hundreds of channels at multiple devices using AT&T.


infolinks publisher monetizing network

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With infolinks publisher monetizing network can you really make money online? is a network where publisher and advertiser meet indirectly. In digital age publisher want to monetize web space. And advertiser want to instant traffic to online promotion.

Publisher are website owner, blogger or mobile app designer who want to earn profit from website, blog or apps. Advertiser are who want to promote online promotion or offer and want instant visitor ?

Benefits of Joining infolinks publisher monetizing network:


It is very easy to to make set up infolinks on my website. Just and simple copy infolinks script and paste it  at website before </head> code. When I sign up for any publisher network? I have to check payment option to get online payment, traffic requirement, and advertiser area but multiple payment option check are there i.e. paypal, western union, ACH and wire transfer in everywhere and Global presense make easy to sign up infolinks for me.


Understanding of multiple infolinks publisher ad format:

Likewise other network Infolinks provide ads according to content most ads are CPM based instead of CPC. Big web traffic website can make big money with infolinks.

  1.  Many visitor comes from search engine and start reading articles. To infolinks publisher monetizing networkgarner more income infolinks display ads in in content, side bar and bottom of website.
  2.  Infolinks infold display ads that best suited to content and search engine query. With infold you can make more money.
  3. Inscreen ads are newer format to maximize click through rate in website.
  4. In-frame ads capture visitor attention by display ads on left and right side with word press infolinks plugins. This feature can not work with blogger.
  5. Intext advertising is one to high income generating ad serving through which you can earn more and more money. If you have highest traffic from US, UK or Canada regions. In tag ads are similar to Google Adsense Link list and capture visitor attention.

Overall infolinks publisher monetizing network is a premier publisher network that easy to set up but over limit intext advertsing become irritated to website visitor.


mobile application hosting companies

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mobile application hosting companies around the world

Today mobile application hosting companies are available in the world . They provide whopping features to mobile users.  Mobile apps are available in every smartphone android,  Windows and other.  Mobile apps are just like a mobile website provides look and feel feature to smartphone user.

Internet generation is growing not just Internet surfer but also online shopper.  In a growing and competitive industry maintain an online business  is not as easy.  Search engines provide Web results according to queries.  But in just one query there are hundreds to thousands pages on mobile internet and Web pages. And this makes very complicated to remain in top ten to top hundreds positions.

But mobile apps has distant type of websites.  Mobile apps are not just mobile website but also similar to fixed store where visitor come regularly. Suppose,  you have made an apps of providing useful information of local business. Now you have a fixed Are of working.  People who installed your apps .

Are mobile apps similar to mobile website?

  • Both are online. But gaming apps has an exception.
  • Both are user friendly. And access only on mobile devices only.
  • Both makes shopping or reading easy. Selection of products are very easy.
  • Both less consume data on smartphone.

Benefits of mobile apps to webmasters.

  1. Ad blocker killed adverting revenue and your website visitor are just reading articles on your web pages. You have one solution only switch to mobile apps. Because ad blocker only work with browser not with operating system. By developing mobile apps no one can kill advertising revenue.
  2. Mobile apps are just better that website. No one can remember website. If someone has installed your apps. Whenever he look at his smartphone. They are look at apps and start conversation.
  3. Website promotion is just easy. Mobile adverting bring more money and less turnout rate. In normal website you have to spend regularly money on search engine campaign. Promotion of mobile apps are many ways. Google play store make fixed location where visitor search and install apps.
  4. Mobile apps are spam free. I have not hear that any apps caught under fire of spam.
  5. With developing mobile apps you are engaging in small online business. When you are blogging you might be alone or writing some experience with you or with someone else. But by mobile apps hosting you engage in seriously online business.

Beware but mobile apps has drawback.

  • The real truth mobile application hosting companies is not cheap. Where you can spend on web hosting around $100 per annul.But mobile apps hosting fee may be per user. And charged by many company differently. And may be goes to $2000.
  • Mobile apps are store in smartphone. Some smartphone comes with very few storage. Many people do not like to install large apps.
  • For managing mobile apps company required full time IT personnel or developer.

There are numerous mobile application hosting companies around the world. But there are trust companies where you can host your mobiles.

  1. Google Cloud Platform: Google could platform is one of trust mobile app hosting company where you can start your online business around the world.
  2.  Amazon  AWS mobile services: Amazon AWS mobile services is a trust name in developing mobile applications for android and iOS platforms.
  3. Rackspace Web Host : Rack space provide mobile apps hosting service online.
  4. : provide hybrid mobile apps hosting service online with staff assistance. Pricing are $250 per month.
  5. Microsoft Azure: Microsoft azure is trusted name in developing mobile apps for iOs, android and window apps. Pricing are per hourly and as per users.

Mobile apps hosting is not cheap. If you want to grow and bear high expenses and want high conversion then mobile apps are right for you.


mobile responsive web design

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mobile responsive web design – a better idea for website owner

Today mobile responsive web design is one of biggest trends these days.  More and more people are switching to smart phone from basic mobiles.  Internet retail or e-commerce are growing rapidly with the use of mobiles handset and tablets.  Online website desktop, mobiles and tablets version are the biggest medium of growing e-commerce these days.

Smartphone and tablets are in trends.  More and more people switching from desktop website to mobile websites.  Mobile website are user friendly and cheaper that desktop in term of promotion and business cost. An average shopper browses Web and searches some specific products.  Normally, desktop website shows more than ten products at a time.  But smart shopper can make distinguish and select best offer. But everyone is not smart, and sometimes retailer best offer can be missed by shopper.

Mobile responsive website gives more conversion as compare to desktop website.  Normally, everyone does not have broadband connection.  So, they cannot afford heavy Internet charges. 4G technology boost demands of smart phone globally.  In modern days smart phone give opportunities of consume Internet data and watch Internet on mobile very low prices .

Developing a mobile responsive web design is not an easy task because every handset has different resolution.  A fixed width website cannot fits in every smart phone.  Mobile responsive website widths are not fixed, but are flexible.  There are some Web hosts who provide Web hosting with mobile pages.  Godaddy.Com,, are some popular Web host.  Word press is really a platform where you can easily transform your website into mobile responsive website. In word press you can found some specially designed themes and plug-ins for responsive website. Google project amp plug-ins allows making website load just faster but fits website into all different mobiles resolutions.


why should twitter business card You must have

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Google adwords and Facebook ads are already widespread on for local and global website optimization where advertiser choose pay per click and pay per impression that fits into budget. More recently,  Twitter announce twitter business card for twitter account promotion twitter business card for international website promotion that is different and can give more internationl lead as compared to adwords of facebook.

Basically twitter is one of this time professional network where you can get international traffic without spending too much money. You need international traffic, by using google adwords or facebook you can not directly engage with vistior but twitter business card helps you more in getting visitors and also for leads.

To get started for twitter business card  step by step

  • Sign itwitter business cardn or register free account on
  • Write your first ad campaign on twitter ad network URL is here
  • Choose audience region wise targetting also possible, choose male or female, age group
  • More choicces devices, languages, platfroms
  • Choose keywords that more relevant to tweet and choose the location where your tweet should be shown
  • Now set your daily budget and total budget on ad campaign
  • Choose creative i.e. twitter business card  choose or write first tweet, write something in 140 words add website in website box add an image, choose name for offline. Select an strong call to action.

In many ways twitter ads network is similiar  to facebook ad network when choosing right audience, by age size but lack of chosing income group. Geographic targetting is similare in all three group but Adwords is cost effective for small business owner who provide local service. Facebook ads attract local audience who have less business potential in this sense twitter is professional network for getting business lead or direct sellling products.

But twitter has some terms and condition you must know, which you can see on accout setting.


free wifi mater key app

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free WiFi master key apps is one of most popular android apps on android devices. I can easily get available WiFi network on mobile with more security and less spend on data and support on all devices, mobile, tablets and pc who has WiFi connectivity.

free WiFi master key instantly search available WiFi hotspot, that your device can not search without this app.  This apwifi mater keyp only helps me in getting new WiFi hotspot, but this can not help me on cracking WiFi password.

I have some good experience with free WiFi master key app. Instantly download take lesser time in downloading and consume less data. Instantly start provide an option for make lock in every time opening WiFi connection. Automatic connection not possible if lock is enabled.

But WiFi connection are also lack of security. As hacker use WiFi connection to stole necessary information of smartphone transaction.

WiFi mater key apps is used to find available WiFi network in surrounding area. But you can not easily login. This apps only give you network but not password.


photography expert get best tips and tricks

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Get photography expert get best tips and tricks and become photography expert today

“Travelling is a passion who are bored or fed-up and want to live up idle life. Do You deserve photography expert is a passion who want to discover  something new in life, nature or around the world.”

In photography expert , a camera is a tool by which photography expert discover, capture and publish photograph.

Some utmost care are needed when working with camera.

  • Good photoes are not coming. This can be possible photography expert have not make life effect accrutely or light effect is not make rightly. So You start with your camera only after adjusting camera setting. And when taking photes use always manual mode in photography expert.
  • My battery not charged fully. If you did not to recharge your cellphone, You can not make a call only. But remember You are on outing. And in this position you must recharge camera battery so that you  must utilize camera otherwise capturing a photo remain a dream for you.
  • Arrane all tool in a box. A camera did not useful unless you have all necessary item. Battery, charger, data cable , lences must be arraned to keep with camera.
  • Set white balance so that your picture must come clear as per light. Choose a white paper or something white in color and focus this and take a photo. Now your white balance has been set.
  • Focus Camera. If camera is on auto mode you do not need to focus camera. Otherwise you have to focus camera.
  • Lighting for camera. Take a photo when you are standing against light. When you are taking photos lighting must comes directly on your face otherwise picture did not make attractive.
  • Set apporcher setting according to lighting and objects. This setting is essential for taking suitable photoes.
  • Photo in night. When you are taking photo in day sufficient light and enviroment is available for camera. But in night extra setting is required for taking photos. Increase ISO setting for taking picture in night. If you are attempting to take photo in open environment in night then, You have to first make manual mode in camera then decrease ISO setting.

“Remember that are  the photoes that stays longer  as  year by year passed. These photos only remind you some historical events of your life.”


Create domain name to build online presence

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Create domain name to build online presence.

In the early age .com, .net and .org are known as Top level domains in Internet industry. But now time and rule has been changed. Arrival of new extension of domains name, changing rule of website marketing and content by search engine , and increasing awareness of going online has given birth of new types of domains names extension.

Lets have look at most popular domains names .com, .net., .org are public and commercial domains name no doubt any one can register these domains name. .edu reserved for education institute, .gov reserved for government organization.

Except this .aero,. .biz, .cat, .coop, .info, . int,. .jobs, . mil, . mobi, . museum, . name, .pro, . tel and . travel are Globally accepting domain name that every search engine would like to accept in these database.

.eu and .asia are two most popular domains name If you don’t like to buy .com or .org domains names.

Some country level domains give advantage in search engine ranking. Take advantage in search engine ranking

.ad, .as, .bz, .cc, .cd, .co, .dj, .fm, .io, .la, .me, .ms, .nu, .sc, .sr, .su, .tv, .tk, .ws

A domains name plays an important role in website traffic. Before creating a website or blog you must check the domains name very carefully. Now search engine give priority to old domains name, keyword rich domains are not essential for website ranking.  A short domains become memorize easily, type in browser fast, if domains name is contain any specific character or numerical digits can create problems in search engine optimization campaign.

A domains name convert in web address when website is created and domains has been mapped.

Domains name gives advantage in many forms such adsense for domains give money for website traffic, in case popular page has been deleted 301 redirect i.e. permanent redirect make website visitor to flow to desired website. 302 is a temporary forwarding used in when website gone under maintenance or construction web master can change traffic to website.


web hosting service

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web hosting services solutions for business

Today, web hosting service is a online internet service through this you can make presence online for yourself or your business. Web site is  accessible through a web server to world wide web. Many companies provide free and paid web hosting service. Free web hosting service contain few web data space, Google AdSense advertisement, and limited bandwidth. Paid web hosting plans offer many advantages disk space, self hosted blogs, revenue generating space and much more.


top solution for web hosting service  provide web hosting service, word press hosting, open source hosting service, and eCommerce hosting.


Linux operating system based hosting make your word press blog easily install and also good if you want to escape wordpress down time error, and there are less chance to down grade of your website. Linux hosting is absolutely time saving, simple, easy and affordable. Linux server are available all the time. 


Blog hosting is a growing online marketing tool of content marketing company, where a company send frequent update of his products or ideas. A blogging require less technical skill. Blogging is need online market rising trend where Google keyword tool and Google trends helps a lot to web master and a good content strategy if written well , it gives a lots of search engine traffic. A good content maker makes a lots of money from blogging. 

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