how to save exact match domain from search engine spam

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How you can save end or exact match domain from Google search engine spam?

Emd or exact match domain in search engine ranking plays very nasty games.  Exact match domain are obtained for getting search engine rankings for a particular keyword.

Google engineer Matt cutting already give update of keyword spam in domain.  But now Google start working of blocking keywords specific domain.

Keyword ranking is major factor in search engine ranking.  Without ranking your website can not survive in Internet.  Keywords based domain can be easily get keywords ranking to a very specific keyword.

Now keyword based domain comes under black hat technology of search engine seo.

But behind these bad news there are good news also.  Website with original content,  website with useful content will stay away from penalty.

Affiliate marketers register these domain from easily getting money from online sale or auction.  I have also see many domain that are keywords based contains Google adsense ads.

Finally, you have the last chance to stay away Google search spam penalty. You have to build a website with some original and useful content.

Google never want doorway pages that build only for search engine.  Now you build a website only for user not for search engine is only solution of this penalty


Do you really want to market website get online tips of website promotion

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Looking For Internet Logo & Web Design Online Shopping Best Local Deal Shoes Nike Holiday women's outlet

Do you really want to  market website get online tips of website promotion

You have build a new website and want traffic and want to earn money online. But this is not any easy task to market website newly built. when new website is created very few visitor are coming to website on monthly basis. So, You need to worry or hopeless.

Pay per click Advertising:  When you want some lead or customer or want to sell someone your first attention goes to Google/ Bing or Yahoo ads. That is very easy and effective methods of getting visitor in less than one minute. By using this method, you have make proper plan how much amount you want to spend on daily, weekly or monthly.

Socail media advertsing:  Social media advertising is one another mehod of delivering mass traffic, but require some full time staffs. May be more effective than pay per click advertising but proper planning is required.

Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are most popular social media website are exist in the globe.

With Facebook you can reach to indivually person much care is rquired when planning campagin or social update. Twitter is on other side professional social  website where you can send mulitple tweets to big masses.

Linkedin is networking social media website that enable you to make network and engine in network sometime you have pay some charges to linkedin.

Additionaly you can make networking pages on Facebook or Google+ where you can send update and get traffic. Google maps and local directories are paid option to get traffic when you well established business on online and offline both.

Blogging: Blogging is also effective mehtod of getting traffic but required some content writer. You need to send occassionaly update by blogging software blogger, wordpress, tumbler and typepad are most popular blogging software used worldwide.

Search engine optimization: Search engine optimization is one popular method that most content writer want to used. It takes a longer time but more effective save millions of dollar that you want to pay on pay per click advertising or seo optimization experts.

Seo process is easy where you want to change your website content according to various webmater guideline. Meta title 70 character  and meta description 150 charactors and atleast 500 unique words are required for each and every page.

Partnership or Affiliate marketing: If you an eCommerce vendor than it is easy and convenient to join affiliate network where you have to pay per lead or pay per sale basis commission and you can easily market website. You need not to spend more time on advertising campagin. You can  spend more time withe interact with new or past customer.

Well, there are many option to market website but you can choose it as per your requirement.


google adwords ppc training

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Looking For Internet Logo & Web Design Online Shopping Best Local Deal Shoes Nike Holiday women's outlet

google adwords ppc training guide specifically made for you

After reading “google adwords ppc” training guide  you will become capable to create online ads for your online business and able to arrange more conversion to website than of now.

google adwords ppc  is a most popular around the world as around 80% internet population used google search engine  and from search engine to website user view different types of advertisement.

google adwords ppc is more popular among online marketers for quickly reaching potential
customers. Google adwords, Yahoo and bing are on top in popularity and authenticity. In pay per click marketing, you have to pay online click fee when google adwords ppc deliver a click to landing page.

google adwords ppc ad campaign contain two parts in itself  first part is advertisement which entice prospective customer to click on ad and second part is  landing page where your customer comes after clicking on ad. First of all you have to prepare a landing page then create advertisement.

All quality network has three requirement for landing page.

  1. Original and relevant content
  2. Transparency or Trust
  3. Navigation

You created a post about “android tablet”  so you must provide real information about android tablet that directly benefited to user. And do not try to make foolish to user. Tile of the web page must be matched with content of the web page. You almost created original and relevant content.

Transparency or trust increase conversion on website and also needed for pay per click. You are selling something or provide business service to potential customer, for that reason you choose pay per click. Price of products, billing, payment methods, shipping and return policies, information of location of business, fan page on social media such as Facebook, twitter or Google+ and customer testimonial really increase conversion on website. User registration must be free and easy and user must be able to distinguish website content to outbound links such as sponsor links, affiliate links.

Easy of navigation gives a quick and simple path to understand customer about your brand brands and services. Landing page give link to home page or other pages and search button boost selling. Excepts this you must avoid excess use of obtrusive elements such as pop-ups or pop-under, and less use of java script makes website content should be load quickly.



Create ads using google adwords ppc

Google adwords is high quality advertising program designed for online business. It allows provide facility of creation and targeting of ads, but it works under premises of bids and keywords. Google adwords provide text and images ads on search and display network which shows on desktops, laptops, mobiles, tablets and smartphone.

First step in creating a google adwords ppc ads is choosing a headline  for your ads which stand apart you from the crowds. You can choose keywords relating to business or page contents. Description 1 and description 2 can be products or business offers, prices included or not you decide, you can tell what you do? Insert at least one keyword in ad text and also match ads with landing page. Second step is chosing keywords wisely, google adword ppc shows keywords as option keywords on pages, keywords by group, by location of country and by searching some text. Specific keywords are best all time.

Bidding, budget and quality score are three major factor that makes your ad campaign either successful or make  to quit google adwords ppc advertising. Once keywords are choose, you have make a bid so that you ads appear on search network, remember other perons also making bids on same keywords. High bidding gives more impression but low bidding give few impression. Sometimes too much high bidding waste money and low bidding does not trigger any ads.

Quality score is a metric assigned to keywords. High quality score can be achieved by bidding on specific keywords as a result click increase and cost per click went down. Only increasing numbers of click control this situation but you must decide budget, how much money you can afford?  High quality score can be achieved through optimization and landing pages best practices. Uses of keywords in ad and in landing pages, make an ad most relevant to keywords and landing pages, make a landing page high quality, decreasing CTR rate and use of ad groups, multiple ads, uses of text and images both.

| Quick Start Guide and blogger seo tips

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blogger seo tips and quick start guide at

Hi! I introduced  Quick Start Guide and blogger seo tips   at my word press blog topicslive .com.


blogger quick start guide

Start a blog with blogger and get blogger seo tips

Blogger is a most popular web design and content making  website where you can make your personal and professional blog with less effort and without spending money. Blogger is a free service that can be used by Google users only. Else Anybody who want to promote himself, any brand, any products or want to share some stories that
might be helpful to anyone in the world. Blogspot can be used for spamming or only for affiliate marketing website without adding sufficient content. So you must make your content length above 250 words per post and much better is you add content atleast 300 words for better blogger seo tips.

To get started with blogger you must log-in in with Gmail or Google sign-in ID and password. After that one dashboard of blogger comes like that. Now selected create new blog. As the shown in the picture choose a topic which you find more suitable, this will be your website of blog title. Also choose URL for blog must be suitable for audience and match to website keyword. Don’t try to choose absurd words or keyword that has not any relationship with your blog. Choose a blog template and Go live.

Better way of Content Writing best blogger seo tips

After creating a blog, next step is writing content for a blog, so that you can your ideas can reach to
audience.  Do not go too much lengthy, choose 3 to 5 keywords and write only all ideas of one topic, no
t to indulge in counting words. You should not try to repeat same topic again. Otherwise search engine treat this as spam.  Ideally your blog length should be minimum 300 unique words. Better is you must write 500-700 words in blogger. Do not copy paste or make any duplicate content, else write your own view.  Choose a tag which you place on blog for searching post by tag and unique description of blog that display in search engine results.

Free optimization Guide blogger

Go to Setting                    Basic                       Search preference

A picture shown here will be displayed.  Choose your website title, description of blog and also can choose a custom domain. I suggest you to choose Go daddy installation process is very easy.

 blogger seo tips share automatic posts on Google+ Network

Blogger has a advantage over wordpress , that you can easily bring free blog traffic by sharing all posted  automatically after writing in Google+ social network. It’s good for seo and long-term benefits.  Don’t do it if you don’t want to do it for short-term.

Increase traffic with Google web master

Blogger website are listed automatically on Google search engine, you can also submit content to Google through Google web master. Google web master shows all data from keyword ranking to back links, block pages to spam filtering but not locations.  Use an robot.txt to control crawling.

Google Analytics is an advance level of tracking method in which you have to install a tracking method in blogspot all tracking data shows up-to-date. Google analytics shows upto 1000 keywords searched in search engine. New adsense and adword integration in blogger and Google analytics entice user to create a blog on blogger .com.


internet marketing tips email marketing strategy

Looking For Internet Logo & Web Design Online Shopping Best Local Deal Shoes Nike Holiday women's outlet

Best and safe online internet marketing tips

Internet marketing can be done through many ways such email, display, classifieds or banner exchange. Email marketing is a most popular way of internet marketing  that an eCommerce company to small business owner like to prefer.

Success of a internet marketing email campaign depends largely how your visitors open your newsletters in his mail boxes. When you thinks like a eCommerce vendor you may not succeed in email marketing. Now you have to think how and why Your visitors and you open a mail. An effective email marketing target specially to retargetted customers who  already buy or registered as a customer. Now you must know Why how visitors mosty open your email newsletter except of others?

Surely,  lead or sale come from customer either new or old. I am giving some special tips to increase click through rate of an email campaign

Attract customer by including his or her name, Subscriber instantly get attention as his or her name appear in subject line in mail box. Unless any country specific law has forbidded for doing this.

Attract customer by including top selling brands – As an internet retailer you must know what customer are buy or looking for? Giving preference to customer choice make an email campaign most effective and result high click through rate.

Attract customer by chosing words that customer  looking for?  Save now ,  Discount price,   Special offers and coupon or rebate are some words that increse sale and attract  whopping customer.

Stay away from Spam. As internet email is way of digital marketing but search engine and legal authority make some restriction on email marketting campaign. You can not use words income opportunity, money, profit in your email campaign. Your real name, contact no and a unsubscription link must on the fotter in  email campaign.

You can start mail campaign only after you build a list of subscriber or customers, have a planned and tested text based or graphic based email and an email service provider. For a successful email campaign email subscription must be placed in an obvious place and very clear with privacy information.

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