airtel myplan infinity postpaid plan unlimited pack

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Telecom biggies airtel myplan infinity postpaid plan unlimited pack launched. A good combination of unlimited calling, unlimited messaging and unlimited internet.

airtel myplan infinity postpaid plan is not cheap but have some different advantage. It is combination of voice, messaging and data pack. Today calling and internet pack are essential demand between youth and working professional. Check out the Link

airtel myplan infinity postpaid plan unlimited pack is combination of unlimited voice, messaging and internet data on 3G and 4G handset

Before arrival of reliance jio youth were spending money on voice, messaging and data separately. But jio suddenly stopped this. Airtel my plan infinity postpaid are combination of this with free data benefit..

These plans are priced at Rs 599, Rs 799, Rs 1199, RS 1599, Rs 1799 respectively. You will get 3GB, 5GB, 10 GB, 15 GB data pack on 4G handset only. These pack can be used with 3G handset with 1GB data limit. But if you switch to upgrade 4G handset you will get one year free data pack of 3 GB per month.

airtel myplan infinity postpaid

Our young generation is addicted to online streaming music and videos. They are wasting more time on chatting and gaming. For all of this a big data pack is required. Some people are spending around thousand of Rs in unlimited internet data.

These plan are more expense than airtel rc 348 which provide unlimited calling. But additional data is good advantage of these plan.

airtel infinity postplan vs reliance jio postpaid plan

No doubt airtel was one day leader in telecom but today reliance jio give stiff competition to airtel and other telecom company in India.

Reliance jio postpaid plan are more cheap than airtel infinity postpaid plan. Reliance jio pack boasts on unlimited calling and messaging. But the main requirement is of combination of voice, messaging and data. But the major problem is that reliance jio plan can be activated only on 4G handset.

Reliance Jio unlimited data pack are priced at Rs 149, Rs 499, Rs 999, Rs 1499 and Rs 1999 respectively. You will get 300 MB, 4 GB, 10 GB, 20 GB and 35 GB monthly internet data pack. These limit become unlimited at night.

Finally, airtel infinity postpaid plan are look competitive. Additional rate slash can be make them more popular among youth. They can become popular among people owning 3G hanset.

airtel payment bank digital banking in India with 7.25 Interest rate

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One of India Largest Telecom company has launched airtel payment bank and might be boost the way of digital banking in India. Online payment bank is a new initiative in digital banking.

Formally we go to bank physically stand in long queue withdraw cash in hand.  And after this we have to go different different market. But digital banking has change the complete scenario. No need to withdraw cash no need to go different market.

Online payment bank are look better than mobile wallets.  In mobile wallets either you have to fund transfer or link debit or credit card.

Airtel payment bank does it really wonderful for me

Benefits :

  1. This is only banking industry who provide interest rate on deposit. Airtel payment bank is also providing 7.25 per cent internet on deposit. Start airtel account with Rs 10 only.
  2. Open an account with airtel number in less than 3 minute. Finger print technology has arrived and online security become more secure.
  3. Online recharge, shopping and bill payment are those we do with our net banking account. Airtel payment bank all provide this.
  4. Every amount you deposit in airtel bank become your talk time.
  5. Money transfer is frequent need in digital banking. Sending money to anywhere is easy.


Airtel payment bank work on instant money transfer method. And can be used with mobile wallet, internet banking and USSD. Withdrawal cash at airtel banking location is easy. Prime minister Jan Dhan Yogna opened account and every day big rush can be seen at public sector banking.

No doubt this is new initiative in digital banking space. But service charges might be bother. Airtel payment banking is free for airtel to online only. If want to transfer money in any public sector or private sector bank. You have to face some service charges. Withdrawal money from bank account also attract few service charge.

Airtel payment bank can started with airtel mobile number. Where airtel mobile become your account number in digital banking age.

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