google domain beta make website in just $12

google domain beta
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google domain beta make website with blogger, shopify, squarespace, weebly and wix

Yesterday I was surfing the web than google domain beta attract my attention. I think,  Google Inc come back in June 2014 in Domain name registration and web presense with google domain beta which is currently available for persons having billing address in United State Only.

I think, google domain beta is suitable for website builder who can build website with blogger, shopify, squarespace, weebly and wix, also intergrate with google apps engine. It is very cheap no need to pay any extra charges for private registration and emails forwarding. One another feature that I like of transfer of domain that was not available with earlier Google Apps domains.


google domain betaDomain pricing at google domain beta is seem cheaper top level domain has low pricing $12 for .com, .net, .org, biz and .info, all other domain has separte princing $9 to $50 for period of minimum 1 year to maximum 10 year. Private registration not available with country specific domains.

Hosting with Google blogger is quite easy and comfortable as compare to other website builder. Only disturbance with blogger is that your website must not disobey content policy of blogger and google network otherwise website will be deleted. Quick Start Guide and blogger seo tips

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Looking For Internet Logo & Web Design Online Shopping Best Local Deal Shoes Nike Holiday women's outlet

blogger seo tips and quick start guide at

Hi! I introduced  Quick Start Guide and blogger seo tips   at my word press blog topicslive .com.


blogger quick start guide

Start a blog with blogger and get blogger seo tips

Blogger is a most popular web design and content making  website where you can make your personal and professional blog with less effort and without spending money. Blogger is a free service that can be used by Google users only. Else Anybody who want to promote himself, any brand, any products or want to share some stories that
might be helpful to anyone in the world. Blogspot can be used for spamming or only for affiliate marketing website without adding sufficient content. So you must make your content length above 250 words per post and much better is you add content atleast 300 words for better blogger seo tips.

To get started with blogger you must log-in in with Gmail or Google sign-in ID and password. After that one dashboard of blogger comes like that. Now selected create new blog. As the shown in the picture choose a topic which you find more suitable, this will be your website of blog title. Also choose URL for blog must be suitable for audience and match to website keyword. Don’t try to choose absurd words or keyword that has not any relationship with your blog. Choose a blog template and Go live.

Better way of Content Writing best blogger seo tips

After creating a blog, next step is writing content for a blog, so that you can your ideas can reach to
audience.  Do not go too much lengthy, choose 3 to 5 keywords and write only all ideas of one topic, no
t to indulge in counting words. You should not try to repeat same topic again. Otherwise search engine treat this as spam.  Ideally your blog length should be minimum 300 unique words. Better is you must write 500-700 words in blogger. Do not copy paste or make any duplicate content, else write your own view.  Choose a tag which you place on blog for searching post by tag and unique description of blog that display in search engine results.

Free optimization Guide blogger

Go to Setting                    Basic                       Search preference

A picture shown here will be displayed.  Choose your website title, description of blog and also can choose a custom domain. I suggest you to choose Go daddy installation process is very easy.

 blogger seo tips share automatic posts on Google+ Network

Blogger has a advantage over wordpress , that you can easily bring free blog traffic by sharing all posted  automatically after writing in Google+ social network. It’s good for seo and long-term benefits.  Don’t do it if you don’t want to do it for short-term.

Increase traffic with Google web master

Blogger website are listed automatically on Google search engine, you can also submit content to Google through Google web master. Google web master shows all data from keyword ranking to back links, block pages to spam filtering but not locations.  Use an robot.txt to control crawling.

Google Analytics is an advance level of tracking method in which you have to install a tracking method in blogspot all tracking data shows up-to-date. Google analytics shows upto 1000 keywords searched in search engine. New adsense and adword integration in blogger and Google analytics entice user to create a blog on blogger .com.

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