icici bank digital banking on mobile

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Are you looking icici bank digital banking on mobile? ICICI Bank is one of top private sector bank in India and abroad. Private sector bank provide more single user benefit than public sector bank. They focus on money and customer service.

Today digital banking is boosting in our country. So it become essential that how you can access icici bank digital banking on mobile ?

Digital banking is all about making non cash payment. Digital banking belongs to latest in trends and technology. And you become stress free in each and every banking transaction.

ICICI Bank digital banking can be used using on mobile. icici bank mobile banking apps. These apps are available exclusively on android, window, blackberry and apple devices. Or you can send instant message SMS iMobile to 5676766 to download icici bank digial banking apps imobile on your smartphone.

ICICI Bank imobile apps has some unique advantage. This apps comes with 150 service one of it types. But here is list that may more useful to you.

  1. Pay bills online is one of most preferred and essential feature of digital banking. You have to pay everyday utility bills insurance, electricity, petrol and D2H bills.
  2. Managing demat portfolio using iDirect in one account is not essential task. You not only check all holding of your portfolio and also tracking of delivery using iTrack.
  3. You can convert easily extra amount in fixed deposit and recurring deposit. ICICI Bank mobile apps unique feature of investment and deposits.
  4. Easily and quickly fund transfer between account is always possible.
  5. Quickly recharge your phone, d2h and data card using icici bank mobile banking apps.
  6. Online shopping with mobile banking was not as easy as now. Instead of visiting retail stores you can browser local shopping mall offer on mobile apps.
  7.  Debit card has lost. Do you want to stop cheque? Now it is available on mobile apps. It was not so easy.
  8. Avoid visiting branches. As population is rising. Branch banking create a lots of problem. Now view account statement, making quick banking using mobile apps.

Finally, now each and every bank provide it unique mobile banking apps. ICICI Bank mobile banking app is mixed of banking, shopping, and investment.

irctc sbi visa card use travel shopping atm withdraw easy

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New irctc sbi visa card can be use for travel shopping atm withdraw easy. Today Credit card is a symbol of richness. Sbi is also a one of biggest public sector bank in India.

Sbi owned irctc sbi visa card can be used for booking transaction free online train ticked booked on irctc with easily. As the name suggest IRCTC is tie up with SBI and other banks for providing credit facility which give around 50 days of credit limit.

irctc sbi visa credit card

You want to know where you can use “sbi irctc credit card”

  1. irctc sbi visa card can be used at IRCTC website for online train ticket booking.
  2. People are worry to use credit card online at petrol pump. Now use it at Petrol pump without paying additional service charges
  3. This card comes with Global travel accepting card. I mean this can be used globally for booking all travel needs.
  4. Visa credit card makes shopping easy at globally accepting visa outlet, visa website, restaurant, stores and other entertainment centre.
  5. Utility bill payment are our monthly requirement when you have to pay bill of insurance, electricity, water, gas and telephone in cash. In actual you can pay these bill online or at kiosks.
  6. This card enable you to grab exclusive offers from IRCTC.

Benefits you can use while shopping and spending sbi irctc visa credit card

  1. Today credit card and debit card from Indian bank comes with reward point. You can use every money spend on shopping, travel and spending .  Collect 1 reward point on spend of Rs 125. And use 1 reward point at Rs 1
  2. In union budget 2017-18 center government has abolish train ticket booking charges on irctc website. So you can use this credit card without paying any additional charges.
  3. You need cash at home. Government has allowed to keep cash up-to Rs 3 Lac per person. Saving bank account comes with Rs 24,000 per week limit. But credit card can give you more than limit.
  4. Now Add-on-card are useful for family member. Do not forgot to get it.
  5. Today making a bank draft for cash less payment is not as easy as Easy money draft by Railway IRCTC credit card. Now book money draft using local phone call is very easy.
  6. You need credit card for monthly billing but want to pay in monthly installment. Every clever person make big purchase on emi. Flexipay is also one another feature that convert your purchase into monthly installment at lowest interest rate.
  7. Now credit card and debit card comes with e-statement and usage alert at no extra charge. E-statement are better than postal statement. They deliver on time, open in few seconds, can be print out and visible in seconds.
  8. SBI card alert is useful for every transaction cash withdrawal, shopping, reward point use, mini statement .

Are you sure to Get irctc sbi visa card from SBI.

  1. SMS  “rail”  to 56767    OR
  2. Login to www.sbicard.com  and select travel card. And click on IRCTC SBI  Platinum card
  3. Apply Now.

Beware credit card comes with Rs 500 joining fee and Rs 300 renewal fees. Interest free period may be 20 days to 50 days. Only big worry is that finance charges 3.35% will be imposed if you are unable to pay bill amount on time.

This card can be used at ATM for withdraw money but at domestic ATM 2.5% service charges will be imposed and international ATM also attract 3% of transaction charges minimum of Rs 300 on both domestic and international.

IRCRC SBI Platinum credit card is good initiative to boost digital payment in train ticket booking. This card can be used for retail spending in India and abroad.  But attract some annoying service charges. Major drawback of this card that you want to pay bill using credit card that you must have account in Delhi only otherwise you have to choose net banking or branch banking for credit card payment.

airtel payment bank digital banking in India with 7.25 Interest rate

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One of India Largest Telecom company has launched airtel payment bank and might be boost the way of digital banking in India. Online payment bank is a new initiative in digital banking.

Formally we go to bank physically stand in long queue withdraw cash in hand.  And after this we have to go different different market. But digital banking has change the complete scenario. No need to withdraw cash no need to go different market.

Online payment bank are look better than mobile wallets.  In mobile wallets either you have to fund transfer or link debit or credit card.

Airtel payment bank does it really wonderful for me

Benefits :

  1. This is only banking industry who provide interest rate on deposit. Airtel payment bank is also providing 7.25 per cent internet on deposit. Start airtel account with Rs 10 only.
  2. Open an account with airtel number in less than 3 minute. Finger print technology has arrived and online security become more secure.
  3. Online recharge, shopping and bill payment are those we do with our net banking account. Airtel payment bank all provide this.
  4. Every amount you deposit in airtel bank become your talk time.
  5. Money transfer is frequent need in digital banking. Sending money to anywhere is easy.


Airtel payment bank work on instant money transfer method. And can be used with mobile wallet, internet banking and USSD. Withdrawal cash at airtel banking location is easy. Prime minister Jan Dhan Yogna opened account and every day big rush can be seen at public sector banking.

No doubt this is new initiative in digital banking space. But service charges might be bother. Airtel payment banking is free for airtel to online only. If want to transfer money in any public sector or private sector bank. You have to face some service charges. Withdrawal money from bank account also attract few service charge.

Airtel payment bank can started with airtel mobile number. Where airtel mobile become your account number in digital banking age.

yes bank digital banking wallet for seamless payment

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Does yes bank digital banking wallet really make wonderful effort for banking industry?

Last quarter of Year 2016 has make sour of Indian banking industry and retail investor. Indian PM Modi put a ban on Rs 500 and Rs 1000 note along with withdrawal limit from bank account.

Now we have move to new year 2017. In new year there are many action and reaction of digital banking revolution in Indian banking industry. Yes bank is one of top private sector bank in India.

Yes bank make an effort of pushing its customer by yes bank digital banking wallet for boosting cashless economy. Cash less economy is part of our economy where all or majority of transaction are done through bank account. And there is not or little any cash transaction.

yes bank digital wallet
yes bank digial wallet

Yes pay is yes bank digital banking wallet that enable you to spend and collect money through social media and smartphone uses. Facebook is one of latest trend in digital banking in India. Recently HDFC bank offer its customer to HDFC bank on chat specially at facebook messenger. Now anyone can make recharges of mobile, d2h, internet data card on facebook messenger. You can book a ride on facebook messenger. And it is not over else you can make payment of bills phone, electrity and data card while you are on chating on facebook.

A small Tutorial is here. Loginto Facebook messenger app on your smartphone search HDFC Bank on Chat and Type Hi . Now your facebook messenger convert your chat room into digital banking transaction room where you can select merchant and make payment.

Today we need small for cash transaction i.e. shopping for groceries, purchases of milk, mobile recharge or digital set top box recharge. You can not do all of these with yes bank digital banking wallet seamlessly. But you can choose yes pay and search vendor who provide these service.

Here is how you can do with YES Bank digital banking wallet in India.

  1. UPI (United payment Interface) is one of recent trend in digital banking in India. UPI makes it easy not to share your personal account details to any one. But this does not mean that you can not send or received payment in your account. There are option of setting your personalized UPI account no like a user name including only letter and numbers.
  2.  Yes Bank provide you virtual card powered by master card which can be used at merchant website in online only.
  3. IMPS (instant money transfer) through mobile number is not dead. There are two option in IMPS P2A and P2M. In P2A you use mobile no as account no and IFSC code for instant money transer. In P2M you use mobile no to mobile no for instant cash with OTP generation.
  4. Debit card and credit card are part of cash less economy where you can go merchant shop make some online shopping and pay using of swipe money.
  5. QR code scanning is also a latest revolution in digital banking. Now you can scan merchant QR code and make easy payment through mobile wallet.
  6. Idea of purchase gift voucher is not bad. If you are hesitate to keep money in cash. Then why not buy some offline and online gift voucher. And use it any merchant shop.
  7. Online net banking make easy online shopping in Indian merchant website.

No doubt digital banking revolution is not look bad. Only bad thing is we all have habit of keep cash. And some lack of internet technology throughout of country also bad. We all not have smartphone And we can not suffer high data charges too. Everyone is accepting cash and not welcoming debit card too. If we want clean India from corruption we must adopt digital banking revolution in India.

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