gratuity online formula and calculator – calculate your gratuity online

Calculate your gratuity using gratuity online calculator in few seconds. If you are working in any indian company, firm or employer. You are entitle to get gratuity under Gratuity act 1972.

My gratuity online calculator you can easily calculate how much money you are likely to get. Gratuity online formula shows the amount by putting some information in below.

Your current Basic Salary, Dearness allowance ( If applicable) and Year of service in that organization

gratuity online formula and calculator

Formula is very simple

(Basic + Dearness Allowance) X (Multiple by) 15 X (Multiple by) (Year of Service)/ (Divided by) 26

Gratuity is a amount that employer are liable to pay at the time of retirement or retrenchment of Job. A person who complete at least five year of service can get gratuity.


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