nokia 8 sirocco water proof smartphone

nokia 8 sirocco waterproof smartphone is premium smartphone with high budget

New Nokia latest 8 sirocco is a premium smartphone comes with a mega features of camera, storage, and battery life.

These days big screen smartphone are in trends. New nokia 8 sirocco waterproof smartphone has 5.5 big screen with quad hd display.

There are fewer phone that comes with big storage. Nokia 8 premium smartphone comes with 6 gb ram and 128 gb rom.

Today Smartphone make life interesting when smartphone comes with long lasting battery and quick charging mode.  Nokia 8  smartphone has 3260 mAh battery that can be charged 50% in just half hour. Additionally, wireless charging support with Nokia 8 android makes working with smartphone quite easy.. This gadget comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.

There are some advance features that you really need in premium smartphone.

USB c type support and otg cable support rising needs for quick connectivity. Now it is very easy to connect external media storage device and modern headphone with sirocco 8 waterproof smartphone.

Advance glass protector make smartphone life longer. Coring gorilla glass 5 protection with 3d make every moment special with nokia 8 sirocco.

4g, wifi, 3g connectivity is common in Nokia 8 sirocco. And shopping can befun with gadget when it comes with nfc enabled. There is one interesting facts Nokia 8 comes with Android Oreo 8 support. Latest Android Oreo make phone security more powerful.



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