uts on mobile indian rail online ticket booking


UTS on Mobile – indian rail online ticket booking services

Uts on mobile – country one and only indian rail online ticket booking service has been launched for all type of passenger train reservation.

Earlier we use indian railways website for getting online ticket booking for reservation classes in all over Indian cities. And track pnr status on indian railways website.

Indian Railways Delhi Region has launched mobile apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store store. First of it kinds apps let you book General ticket on your smartphone.

How to book general ticket on UTS on mobile?

Step 1- Download UTS on mobile Apps from Google and Apple.

Step 2 – Verify your account by furnishing some details mobile no., city and summary of train. Now your Railway wallet (R- Wallet) account will be generated by Indian Railways.

Step 3 –  This is time to load mobile apps with money. This money can be loaded at booking counter. Else use online payment option on UTS website – netbanking, credit card, and PayTM

UTS on mobile give some wonderful feature for overcrowding passenger waiting for platform ticket, general ticket or looking for seasonal tickets.

But there are some limitation you must know.

You can book only general ticket, platform tickets and seasonal ticket using UTS on mobile.

Tickets can be booked within 2 m of range.

Travel should be started on next 3 hours or first train departure from station.O

Overall this mobile app give relief for people waiting on station. No more waiting , no more website loading waiting.